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Overcoming pain and stress in our lives.

Life has a way of throwing curveballs at us that can leave us stressed and feeling hurt. These life struggles in ministry are cross-cultural and affect us all. Ministry Leaders are stretched thin to teach lessons in their local leaders' meetings, train new and existing leaders, care for participants and keep their ministry going strong. Celebrate Recovery 2.0 will help equip you and your team to help overcome these challenges, both as an individual and a ministry leader.

How can CR Connected help you?

Celebrate Recovery Connected 2.0 will equip you with the tools, training, and teachings needed to help you and your ministry grow. In addition, you will view the exclusive content as often as needed on an on-demand basis. This means that you can watch it at your leisure, with your leaders, and it will be available to you whenever you need it.

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Why should you join the CR Connected family?

Leaders are learners. It is so important that we stay connected to the resources that will sharpen us toward health. Celebrate Recovery Connected 2.0 is a library of inspirational and educational videos exclusively for CRC members. This extensive library of videos is designed to help your personal recovery, as well as strengthen your local ministry.

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Access our library of updated, exclusive material that will strengthen both individuals and local ministries.

Have Questions? Great! Just email us here:

We wanted to make Celebrate Recovery Connected 2.0 as accessible as possible, so that everyone would be able to join the program and take advantage of our exclusive library of content.

Connected Conversations with CR National and Global Team Members

As a special membership bonus to all our new CR Connected 2.0 members, you can now take advantage of our Connected Conversations, which are live quarterly Zoom meetings with our CR National and Global Team members!

Prepare to talk to our team face-to-face on zoom and gain even more powerful insights about your recovery journey. There are also tons of new bonuses in the works! With your CR Connected 2.0 membership, we'll be rolling out new exclusive access to you throughout the year.

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Access to the Private CR Connected 2.0 Forum

As an added benefit to all of our CR Connected 2.0 members, you will be getting access to our private CR Connected 2.0 Forum.

Connect with other CR Connected 2.0 members, as well as our CR National and Global Team members, and gain valuable insights about your recovery journey by sharing and exchanging your thoughts with others

When you sign up for CR Connected 2.0 today, you will receive instant access to this special community portal.

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