Celebration Place and The Landing

Help Your Students and Kids Overcome Their Hurts, Hang-Ups and Habits through the Life-Changing Power of Jesus Christ, with Celebration Place and The Landing! Empower your leadership team to launch these powerful programs and transform your CR ministry into a ministry for the whole family.

Are you looking to kickstart or revitalize your student and kids ministries at your ministry? "The Landing" and "Celebration Place" offer practical training and resources to help you effectively run your ministry. Our programs are designed to equip your leadership team with the tools they need to recruit, train, motivate, and create engaging and meaningful experiences for your students and kids.

Andy Petry

The Landing Director


Sylvia Chesser

Celebration Place Director


Celebration Place & The Landing Training Content -
Supplementary training aimed at expanding Celebration Place and The Landing Ministries. When you purchase the CP + Landing you will have 14 days to consume the content!


  1. Why Do We Need Celebration Place and The Landing
  2. The DNA of Celebration Place
  3. The DNA of The Landing
  4. Developing a Healthy Team
  5. A Night in The Landing
  6. A Night in Celebration Place
  7. Celebration Place - Creative Teaching
  8. The Landing - Creative Teaching
  9. Panel Discussion
  10. Starting a Celebration Place and The Landing
  11. Closing Comments